Our Lounge

Slow Down. Drink Up.

Kast Iron Soda Works is meant to be a gathering place. Let time slow down for a little bit. Meet with family and friends. Make memories. Hang out for a while.

Lounge Furnished With:

High speed internet (just shy of fiber optic!) for all of your browsing and streaming needs.
Plenty of outlets and USB ports.
Small and larger group spaces.
Café tables, bar seating, booths and lounge seating.
Board games and chess tables.
Giant wall Scrabble.
Tabletop book stands.

Food Service

Kast Iron Soda Works does not have food service, but does carry munchable snacks made by local and regional suppliers. You are also welcome to carry in or order delivery! Grab a table number from the bar and let your delivery driver know what it is so they can find you in the shop.