Our Story

First things first. We know…we’re in Ohio. It’s pop. Not soda. But, it simply didn’t work with our name. Kast Iron Pop Works? It doesn’t flow…but our sodas do!

Kast Iron Soda Works is owned and operated by Lesley and Wil Kline and family. We moved back to Salem, Lesley’s hometown, in 2015 with our four daughters. We love friends and family, gatherings, hanging out, meeting up, parties, game nights, bonfires, you get the idea…people and community.

In our previous hometown, a place opened that included a small soda counter in the rear of the store. It was a small space, but man did people pack in. There was something about the soda counter that just slowed down time and made you really take notice of the people around you. Our family loved going there.

Kast Iron Soda Works is inspired by that little soda shop and a desire to create community. Life gets busy and sometimes we don’t take time to slow down and enjoy our people. We’ve made a place to do just that. A place where time just slows down for a little bit, where family and friends can meet, and where memories can be made.

Hang out for a while. We’ve got plenty of wifi to go around! Or, just unplug for a bit. Enjoy, laugh, plan, reminisce, breathe.

Oh, and drink pop. We have lots of pop (aka soda).

Slow down. Drink up.